1 Introduction to Downtown Management Organizations Paper 1 assigned

The Dominance and Decline of Downtown

Guest speaker: Robert Fogelson, Professor of Urban Studies and History, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3 The Revitalization of Downtown Paper 1 due
4 An Introduction to Business Improvement Districts

Student summaries of Paper 1 due

Paper 2 assigned

5 Business Improvement Districts (cont.) Paper 2 due

BIDs in New York City

Guest speaker: Susan Fainstein, Professor of Urban Planning, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

Student summaries of Paper 2 due

Paper 3 assigned


Pennsylvania’s Enabling Legislation

Guest speaker: David Cohen, Director of Development, North Philadelphia Health System; Former Executive Director of the City Avenue Special Services District in Philadelphia

Group Project assigned

Massachusetts’ Enabling Legislation

Guest speaker: Anne Meyers, President of the Downtown Crossing Association, Boston, Massachusetts

Group Work Plan due

Paper 3 due


A Regional Approach to Downtown Management

Guest speakers: Chris Leinberger, Professor of Practice and Director of the Graduate Real Estate Development Program, University of Michigan, and Visiting Fellow, Brookings; Jerry Johnson, Co-Director of the Initiative for a Competitive Greater Reading

Student summaries of Paper 3 due

Paper 4 assigned

10 A Global Perspective on DMOs

11 A Global Perspective on DMOs (cont.) Paper 4 due

Discussion of Group Project

Guest speaker: Jeffrey Hebert, DUSP/MCP ‘04, Louisiana Recovery Authority

Student summaries of Paper 4 due
13 Work on Group Project

14 Presentations Student presentations due
15 Final Class Group Project due

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