11.432J | Spring 2007 | Graduate

Real Estate Capital Markets


Required Text

Geltner, David M., Norman G. Miller, Jim Clayton, and Piet Eichholtz. Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investments. Cincinnati, OH: South-Western Educational Publishing, 2007. ISBN: 9780324305487.

1 Course introduction, portfolio theory GM 21.1-21.2.5, pp. 524-538
2 Portfolio theory and CAPM GM 21.2.6-22.1.4, pp. 539-568
3 CAPM (cont.) GM 22.1.5-22.4, pp. 569-582
4 REITs introduction GM 23.5, 23.1, pp. 620-621 and 585-592
5 REIT CF-based valuation (as stocks) GM 23.2-23.2.3, pp. 592-604
6 REIT NAV-based valuation and asset valuation GM 23.4, 23.2.4-23.2.5, 12.3, pp. 617-620, 604-610, and 276-285
7 Lincoln case due  
8 REITs management considerations, wrap-up GM 23.2.6-23.3, pp. 610-617
9 CMBS introduction, CMBS structure (start) GM 20.1, start 20.2, pp. 489-495
10 CMBS structure and rating GM 20.2-20.3.2, pp. 494-508
11 CMBS rating and other topics GM 20.3.3-20.5, pp. 508-515
12 Real estate equity derivatives: Index swaps GM 26.3, pp. 707-714
13 Course wrap-up, CMBS case due  

Further Readings

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