11.433J | Fall 2008 | Graduate

Real Estate Economics


1 Comparative statics: predicting changes in real estate markets (PDF)  
2 Determining optimal housing FAR (PDF)  
3 Simulating shopping center demand (PDF)

Data files (ZIP)

(The ZIP file contains: 1 .exe file, 1 .dat file, 11 .for files, 3 .ssi files, and 4 files with no file extensions.)

See problem set 3 for instructions on using the ZIP file. The files it contains will only work on a PC, not a Macintosh. The ZIP file is offered so that the user may execute the file shares.exe. All other files in this ZIP are supporting files.

4 Metro transit evaluation (PDF)  
5 Time series analysis of Atlanta’s apartment market (PDF) Spreadsheet data (XLS)

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