11.434J | Spring 2007 | Graduate

Advanced Topics in Real Estate Finance


Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 2 sessions / week, 1.5 hours / session

Course Description and Objectives

This half-semester course introduces and surveys a selection of cutting-edge topics in the field of real estate finance and investments. The course is designed primarily for Masters of Science in Real Estate Development (MSRED) students interested in doing their summer semester thesis in the area of real estate finance and investments. The class is limited to a small size, with preference given to MSRED students. The course will follow an informal “seminar” format to the maximum degree possible, with students expected to take considerable initiative. Students are encouraged to explore in depth a topic of their interest. The only graded requirement is a term paper on that topic. Lectures and discussions led by the instructors will be supplemented by several guest speakers from the real estate investment industry, who will present perspectives on current trends and important developments in the industry.


The class will usually meet twice weekly, and we will generally also make use of the ?recitation? slot. The exact scheduling will have to be flexible to accommodate external speakers. We may use the recitation slot for those speakers, and/or for student presentations of their term papers or work in progress.


The grade will be based primarily on the term paper, due on the last day of classes. We will attempt to enable as many students as possible to make a brief oral presentation of their term paper to the class. This presentation may be of the finished product or of work in progress, or conceivably even of the topic idea. Grading consideration will also be given to the degree and constructive quality of class participation, particularly in helping the outside speakers to effectively convey their knowledge and experience to the class.

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