11.467J | Spring 2005 | Graduate

Property Rights in Transition


1 Introduction to Property Rights Revolutions Around the Globe  
2 The Naturalness and Unnaturalness of Property: How Do Things Become Owned?  

Commodification: What Properties Can Be Bought and Sold?

Guest Speaker: Carol Rose

4 Property Rights Doctrine in Developing Countries: Convergence or Diversity?  
5 Economic Perspectives of Property Rights Proposed research topic and bibliography due
6 Legal Frameworks for a Market Economy: Property Rights or Contracts?  
7 Property Rights Without Law: Alternative Institutions Research proposal due
8 Property Rights in Action: Empirical Evidence  
9 Property Rights As a Social Construction: Why and How Do They Change?  
10 The Tragedy and the Comedy of the Commons: Individual Private Ownership Versus Other Forms  
11 The Politics and Social Conflict Over Property Rights  
12 Takings and Givings

Final paper due

Student final paper presentations