I. Introduction

– First class / overview

– The context: the state and economic development

3-4 II. The informal sector

III. The implementing organizations, their professionals and street-level bureaucrats

– Organizational analysis as lens

– Microcredit organizations

– Agricultural organizations

– Donor organizations public & non-government, large & small

– Labor inspectors


IV. Linkages rural and urban, agricultural and manufacturing

– Linkages and other development triggers

– The “newly discovered” rural economy

– Paths to effective (and non-effective) public support


V. Micro, small, and/or medium enterprises

– Small-firms, employment, and political economy


VI. Local economic development, political economy, and public support

– Economic development, business associations, and compliance with standards 
Guest researcher Mansueto F. de Almeida, Jr.: Senior Researcher, Institute for Applied Economic and Social Analysis, Brazilian Ministry of Planning

– Clusters, value chains, and globalization 
Guest researcher Salo Coslovsky: Assistant Professor of International Development, New York University, Roberto F. Wagner School of Public Service


VII. Labor and development

– What drives improved labor standards: three cases from India, Brazil, and Italy

–Guest speakers:

Wayne Langley, Director, Division of Higher Education, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 615: Local 615 covers service workers at Massachusetts and Rhode Island colleges and universities. Langley is responsible for managing the collective bargaining and servicing of 5,000 SEIU union members who work at more than 40 colleges and universities, including MIT and Harvard.

Leslie Cohen: Cohen worked from 1976 to 1990 as a labor attorney turned union organizer, steward, union rep, and negotiator. Shei s now a public school tutor and is working on the campaign with SEIU Local 615 to make institutions of higher education more accountable to their educational and public missions.

– Foreign direct investment: domestic outcomes and dilemmas

23 Student presentations

Last day of class

Student presentations on the readings

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