1 Introduction and overview of a theoretical basis for regional economic analyses  
2 Background on regional input-output modeling and modeling assumptions  
3 Background on equations and data preparation for the REMI model Problem set 1, part I, due three days after Ses #3

Alternative types of regional input-output models and multipliers (PDF)

Guest speaker: Glen Weisbrod, President, Economic development research group

5 Regional economic analyses and forecasting Problem set 1, part II, due three days after Ses #5

Regional econometric modeling, part I

Outside of class time this week: meet with Greg Perkins, research manager, at Boston Redevelopment Authority.

7 Regional econometric modeling, part II  
8 Model comparisons  
9 Massachusetts economy, case study Problem set 2 due three days after Ses #9
10 Formulating and applying dynamic economic models  
11 Use of regional models in policy analyses  
12 Use of regional models in policy analyses (cont.)  
13 Organization and preparation of seminar for client Problem set 3 due
14 Seminar for client: socioeconomic impact evaluation  
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