Aside from classroom participation, which is a major component of the course, there are two major assignments for the semester:  a take-home final, and a final paper. The readings for 11.491J provide the basis for both of these assignments.

Take-Home Final

Students will be asked to write a ten page paper that synthesizes the course content over the entire semester, including lectures and readings.  Questions for the final will be given out in week 15, and will provide a framework for students to examine all of the materials and topics addressed during the course.  The final is due in week 16.

Final Paper

Students are also expected to complete and turn in a ten-page final paper. Drawing from the readings of the course, each student should choose an issue addressed within the readings and present an argument related to that issue.  The argument should cover both sides of the issue in depth, presenting the pros and cons for each.  This paper is due one week after the last class.