11.520 | Fall 2005 | Graduate

A Workshop on Geographic Information Systems


Lec 1 Introduction to the Class and GIS

GIS Principles and Methods

WinAthena Introduction (Required for Students who did not do CRN Computing Orientation)

Lab 1 ArcGIS Basics (Introduction to ArcGIS, Paper Output)

Lec 2 GIS Principles and Methods

Lab 2 Thematic Mapping in ArcMap (Symbolization, Exploratory vs. Explanatory Mapping) Homework set 1 assigned
Lec 3 Database Fundamentals (Relational Basics, Queries, Joins), Coordinate Systems, and Projections Lab exercise 1 due
Lab 3 Database Operations in ArcGIS (Spatial Selection, Query Selection, Tabular Joins, Spatial Joins) Lab exercise 2 due
Lec 4 More on Database Management: Introduction to SQL


Handling One-to-Many Relationships

Lab 4 Database Aggregation, SQL, and Charts Lab exercise 3 due
Lec 5 Creating and Maintaining Geospatial Databases Homework set 1 due

Homework set 2 assigned

Lec 6 Making Sense of the Census Lab exercise 4 due
Lab 5 Obtaining and Using U.S. Census Data in ArcGIS

Lec 7 Spatial Analysis I (Vector-based Methods)

Lab 6 Vector Spatial Analysis (Buffers, Polygon Overlay, Area Allocation, Using ArcTools) Lab exercise 5 due
Lec 8 Spatial Data Models and Spatial Analysis II (Raster, Network) Homework set 3 assigned
Lab 7 Raster Spatial Analysis (Interpolation, Raster Operations, Spatial Analyst) Lab exercise 6 due
Lec 9 Geocoding and Network Analysis Methods Homework set 2 (question 1) due
Lab 8 Address Matching and Geocoding Homework set 2 (question 2) due

Lab exercise 7 due

Lec 10 Introduction to Internet GIS Project proposal due
Lab 9 ArcIMS (Optional)

Lec 11 Project Work Homework set 3 due
Lec 12 Test (In-class, Open-book)

Lec 13-17 Project Work Lab exercise 8 due in Lec 13

Project title and abstract due in Lec 15

Lec 18-19 Brief Project Presentations Brief project presentations due in Lec 18

Project write-up due in Lec 19