In addition to completing required readings, students are expected to undertake a project that analyzes the role of Joint Fact Finding in the Cape Wind controversy. The projects could take the form of individual research papers or a role-play simulation developed by the class as a team that introduces participants in the Cape Wind controversy to the concept of Joint Fact Finding.

Examples of student papers are listed in the table below.

Navigating a Science-based Organization toward Joint Fact-Finding (PDF) (Courtesy of Matsuura Masahiro. Used with permission.) Masahiro Matsuura
What Role, The Scientist?: The Importance of Scientists and Collaboration in Environmental Policy Formulation and the Roles that Scientists Play (PDF) (Courtesy of Steven Lenard. Used with permission.) Steven R. Lenard
Pathology of the Traditional Science-intensive Environmental Decision-making Process (PDF) (Courtesy of Ali Mostashari. Used with permission.) Ali Mostashari