Theme A: The Challenge of using Scientific and Technical Information in Environmental Policy-Making
1 Introduction and Overview
2 Discussion of Readings
3 Guest Participant: P. Patrick Leahy, Assoc. Director for Geology, USGS (Invited)
4-5 Discussion of Readings
6 Guest Participant: Stanley Ponce, Senior Advisor for Partnerships and Business Policy, USGS (Invited)
Theme B: Introduction and Development of the Joint Fact Finding Approach
7-11 Discussion of Readings
12 Natural Resource Management in Rural Eastern Oregon

Guest Participant: Robert Alverts, Science Advisor, Office of the Regional Biologist, USGS (Invited)

Guest Participant: Christine Turner, Research Geologist, USGS (Invited)

13 Guest Participant: Michael Mery, Chair Tomales Bay Watershed Council (Invited; TBWC Embodies the Principles and Concepts Discussed in this Theme; the Importance of a Neutral Mediator)
14 Framing a Joint Fact Finding Mission Statement in a Contested Ecosystem Management Situation
Theme C: Cape Wind Project
15 Cape Wind Controversy and Wind Energy in General
16 Current Status of Wind Power in General and Off Shore Wind Power in Particular
17 NIMBY (not-in-my-backyard)
18 Discussion of Readings
19 Invited Guest Participant to Present the Overview of the wind Controversy
20 Invited Guest Participant to Present Pro-View of the Controversy
21 Invited Guest Participant to Present the Con-View of the Controversy
22 Class Presentation