11.947 | Spring 2004 | Graduate

Sustainable Economic Development

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Session 5: Research Methods: Brownfields, Economic Base Analysis, and Indicators

EPA Brownfields

Northeast-Midwest Institute

Boston Redevelopment Authority

Local Economic Analysis

Session 7: Research Methods: Waste Streams/Emissions and Industry and Cluster Analysis

Session 9: Research Methods: Environmental Justice Issues and Market Analysis

Center for Community Economic Development

Session 14: Technology Transfer, Green Design, and Industrial Ecology

U.S. Green Building Council

Rocky Mountain Institute

Hickory Consortium (PDF)

Green Houses (talk by Liz Cordero)

National Resources Defense Council

Mass STEP Program

Toxic Waste Reduction Institute

Session 16: Brownfields Redevelopment and Real Estate Development

Urban Land Institute

Session 18: Small Business Development and Land Use Planning

CRWA, REAL Planning

Small business administration

Microenterprise development