11.948 | Spring 2005 | Graduate

The Politics of Reconstructing Iraq


The calendar below provides information on the course’s lecture (L), and colloquium (C) sessions.

ses # Topics
L1 Introduction
L2 Planning, Politics and the Idea of Post-Conflict Reconstruction

U.S. Planning and Realities of Post-war Iraq

Lawrence Vale: Professor/Head, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Richard Samuels - Professor, Director of the Center for International Studies at MIT

David J. Nash: Former Director of Iraq Project and Contracting Office; Baghdad

Harvey Sapolsky: Professor and Director of the MIT Security Studies Program

Charles N. Patterson: Consultant and founder of Global Communications

L3 International Experience: Marshall Plan, the Reconstruction of Japan, and Bosnia and Herzegovina
L4 The U.S. Post-September 11 Reconstruction Agenda

Politics and Society in Iraq in the 20th Century

Sami Zubaida: Professor of Politics and Sociology, Birkbeck University of London

L5 Social and Political Background for Reconstruction: Politics and Society in Iraq in the 20-21st Century

Comparative Insights: Marshall Plan, Japan, and Iraq

John Dower: Professor of Japanese history at MIT

Charles S. Maier: Professor of History at Harvard University

L6 Post-war Planning: Visioning ‘A New Iraq’ and ‘A New Middle East’
L7 The U.S. Reconstruction Agenda and Projects in Iraq

Constructing a New Liberal Economy in Iraq

In Addition to an Example From Afghanistan


Reconstructing ‘A New Liberal Iraq’

Robert Looney: Professor of National Security Affairs, Naval Postgraduate School

Kenneth Pollack: Director of Research, Saban Center for Middle East Policy

L9 Political Reconstruction: Building a New Democracy

Consolidating Iraqi Democracy: The Institutional Context

Noah Feldman: Professor, New York University School of Law

Kanan Makiya

L10 The Role of International Organization in Post-Conflict Reconstructing
L11 The Discourse of Iraqis and Arabs on the Reconstruction of a New Iraq

The Arab Discourse on Iraq and the International Role

Richard McCall: Director of the Communities in Transition Creative Associates International

Hafez Mirazi: Washington Bureau Chief for Al-Jazeera Television

L12 Conclusions and Critiques: Planning and Reconstruction; Vision and realities; Stability and Resistance in Iraq

Reconstructing ‘A New Middle East’

Stephen Van Evera: Professor of Political Science at MIT

Naseer Aruri: Chancellor Professor of Political Science, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth

Balakrishnan Rajagopal: Professor, Director of MIT Program on Human Rights and Justice

L13 Criticism
L14 Representations: The Idea of Post-Conflict Reconstruction

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