11.948 | Spring 2005 | Graduate

The Politics of Reconstructing Iraq


A selection of exemplary student work is included below. All work is courtesy of the student named and used with permission.


Students are required to present a paper/chapter/report that is related to the reconstruction of Iraq as their final project for the course. They may choose from the following themes, or they may select another theme related to the course material in consultation with the instructor:

  • Economic restructuring
  • The role of international organizations in reconstruction
  • The profile of the contractors
  • Strategies and plans for reconstruction
  • Implementation of projects
  • Civil society and reconstruction
  • Gender issues in reconstruction
  • Political reconstruction and building a new democracy
  • The social reconstruction
  • Reconstruction and the status of the capital: Baghdad in the case of Iraq
  • Critical reading (social, cultural, economic, …) for the reconstruction project

Amanda Ikert - Education in Iraq: A Cultural Battlefield (PDF)

Marco Marraccini - Living in Iraq: The American Media (PDF)

Elizabeth Kwack - U.S. occupation in Iraq and Japan: a brief comparison (PDF)

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