11.957 | January IAP 2007 | Graduate

Frameworks of Urban Governance


For this four-day IAP seminar, students were required to complete the readings each night, and then at the end of the class to submit a short paper relating to the topics presented in the class.

Final Paper

Due on the last day of class, 5 – 7 pages double spaced.

Define an urban problem that interests you and types of action that you think would improve the problem. Be as specific as possible. Then, analyze your topic in the context of each of the frameworks discussed in class. In addition, you may choose one additional perspective as long as you precisely define it and its fundamental importance. Discuss the types of constraints each framework implies for your recommended actions and the types of strategies most likely to be pursued when viewing the problem from each perspective. How do they differ?

Be as specific as possible. You can draw on readings from the week or outside readings, but if you use other sources cite them and situate them in one of the frameworks from the week.

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