Reading materials for each class need to be carefully read prior to class. Most readings are primarily professional reports and practitioner-oriented discussions of how to conduct and use an analytical tool. These readings introduce each analytical approach, but also provide a context for considering the benefits, problems and limitations of the method.

1 Economic Data Sources and Profiling the Local and Regional Economy

Sabety, J. Pari, and V. Carlson. “Using Information to Drive Change: New Ways to Move Urban Markets.” Urban Market Initiative, July 2004. (PDF)

Reamer, A., and J. Cortright. Chapter 3 in Socioeconomic Data for Understanding Your Regional Economy. Newton, MA: Andrew Reamer and Associates, 1998, pp. 23-46. (PDF)

Mt. Auburn Associates. A Strategy for Fairhaven’s Economic Future. pp. 8 -10, A1- A8, data tables and figures. (Unpublished report, 1993.)

Joint Venture.” In Joint Venture’s 2004 Index for Silicon Valley, pp. 4-13.

Bendavid-Val, A. Chapter 7 in Regional and Local Economic Analysis for Practitioners. Westport, CT: Praeger, 1991. ISBN: 0275937518.

2 Industry and Cluster Analysis

Taplin, I. “Recent Manufacturing Changes in the U.S. Apparel Industry: The Case of North Carolina.” In Global Production: The Apparel Industry in the Pacific Rim. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press, 1994, pp. 328-344. ISBN: 1566391695.

Mt. Auburn Associates. A Strategy for Fairhaven’s Economic Future . pp. C-1 to C-29. (Unpublished report, 1993.)

Held, J. “Clusters as an Economic Development Tool: Beyond the Pitfalls.” Economic Development Quarterly 10, no. 3 (1996): 249-261.

3 Retail and Commercial Real Estate Market Analysis

Center for Community Economic Development. Downtown and Business District Market Analysis. Sections 4 (Analyzing Your Trade Area), 5 (Analyzing Local Economics) and 9 (Evaluating Retail Opportunities).

Hammer, Siler, and George Associates. Brockton Supermarket Study . (Unpublished report, 1995.)

K. Seidman Consulting Services and BAE. Real Estate Market Analysis: Old Central Fire Station Property, Marlborough, Massachusetts . pp. 19-29. (Unpublished report, 2003.)

Seidman, K. “New Approaches to Urban Market Analysis.” (Unpublished article, 2004.)

4 Resource and Asset Assessment and Discussion of Economic Profile Assignment

Mt. Auburn Associates. A Strategy for Fairhaven’s Economic Future . pp. 10-16, B-1 to B-38. (Unpublished report, 1993.)

Clark, P., and A. Kays. Labor Market Profiling. Washington, DC: Aspen Institute, 1997, pp. 9-34. ISBN: 0898432170.

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