Initial Work: Diagnostic by Universidad Tecnológica de Bolivar (UTB)
1 Introduction to the Seminar and the challenges of food provisioning in global south cities
2 Food markets and development policy
3 A discussion on informality, economic development and mobility in developing countries
4 What does food market modernization look like?
5 The contradictions of food marketing in developing cities
6 Developing policy to improve food supply
7 A discussion on planning

A discussion on mobility in the global South:

Led by Ralph Gakenheimer, co-director of Mobility and Air Quality in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area, and is a Developing Countries Specialist in the MIT Cooperative Mobility Program.

A discussion on economic change:

Led by Martha Isabel Bonilla, MIT Global Program Coordinator for the Green Hub Initiative at the Community Innovators Lab.

9 A discussion on participation and challenges for planning
10 Introduction to qualitative research as a tool for planning and field work agenda and preparation.
11 Best practices report on market efficiency cases

16-Day Trip to Cartagena Colombia over January Break

Students conduct three weeks of field work

Presentation to the Cartagena City Mayor and community leaders

12 Reflection meetings and final presentation at MIT