11.S196 | Spring 2011 | Undergraduate

Global Freshwater Crisis


1 Water for life: Commons, commodity, nature/culture  
2 Water, history, and culture  
3 Water resources: The physical system, weather, and climate Quiz 1
Water law
4 Water power; Field trip 1: Lowell National Historical Park
Water management
5 China’s Three Gorges Dam Controversy  
Dams, reservoirs, and hydropower
6 Water scarcity
Water pollution
Water and energy: Hydraulic fracturing
7 Field trip 2: Cambridge Water Treatment Plant Quiz 2
Water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH)
8 WASH; Pure Home Water (NGO in Ghana)
Water and climate change
9 Water conflict and cooperation Term project due
Watersheds, landscape and urban design; Adaption through policy planning, management, and economic tools
10 Adaptive technologies Quiz 3
Adaption: Integrated water resources management
11 Ecological waterscapes  
12 Protecting water: Green roofs, rainwater harvesting, and waste stabilization ponds
Water footprint
13 Water, food security, and agriculture Quiz 4
Field trip 3: New Charles River Dam and Massachusetts Dams
14 Student presentations; Water visions: The next 50 years Extra credit term project upgrade due