1 Introduction—The rationale for the course: Why is it important to understand the difference between conventional theories and actual outcomes?  
2 Overview of conventional theories of development, planning, and implementation Implementation Puzzle due
3 One modernity or multiple modernities?  
4 Assessment of development and planning efforts: What has worked and what has not?  
5 Bottom-up versus top-down development  
6 Comprehensive versus incremental planning Mid-term due
7 Under what conditions do public sector institutions perform well?  
8 Is politics a hindrance to, or essential for planning?  
9 How do development professionals define what is ethical practice?  
10 Rigidity versus flexibility  
11 Modes of evaluation: What is useful knowledge for practitioners?  
12 The social construction of learning institutions  
13 Surety of purpose or humility of not knowing the answer? Final Paper due

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