Weekly Reflections

After completing the assigned readings each week, please write down your thoughts in the form of brief (1–2 pages) reflections; these can take a variety of forms: short musings prompted by the material, an essay on a single aspect that struck you as noteworthy, or even a comparison or contrast of some key aspects; questions for discussion are encouraged as well. Weekly reflections are due no later than Monday evening for the coming week, and may be submitted online so other students can view and comment.

Sample Reflections:

Final Psychogeographic Project

By the end of the semester, each student will prepare and present a psychogeographic work based on their own exploration of some real or imagined place. Elements may include poetry or prose; photography, film, sound, smell, and tactilometry; bits, atoms, data, signal, and noise; history, biography, cartography, imagination; blood, sweat, spleen, and other humorous elements; spirit, soul, pathos, hopes, dreams, memories, traces, hints, will-o-wisps, fears, nightmares, and whatever else you discover or invent along the way.

Sample Project: “On the Sounds of Cities” (PPTX - 79 MB)

For descriptions of several of the other projects students completed in the course, see the course’s Instructor Insights page.

[All samples of student work linked above are by 11.S942 student Blanche Shao and are used with permission.]

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