12.000 | Fall 2003 | Undergraduate
Solving Complex Problems


Students in 12.000 are required to present their final design in two ways. They must first create a content-rich web site that not only describes their design in great detail, but also justifies their design choices. Second, they must make a two-hour oral presentation of their design to a panel of experts on the subject, drawn from outside the MIT community, who can provide immediate feedback. This final presentation will be webcast live during the last week of classes. The Web site must be complete and “on-line” one week prior to the presentation.

Student Responsibilities

Each student is required to be an active member of his or her team and to participate in class discussions (e.g., the Perspectives Sessions). In addition, each student must create a personal Web site that details his or her week-to-week accomplishments in 12.000.

Team Responsibilities

Each team is expected to develop sufficient expertise to contribute its assigned component to the overall design. The students in the team collectively develop a team Web site that provides detail regarding their group efforts and design accomplishments.