12.001 | Fall 2013 | Undergraduate
Introduction to Geology


Instructor Key

[TP] = Taylor Perron
[OJ] = Oliver Jagoutz
[TA] = Teaching Assistants

1 TP, OJ

Overview: Introduction to the Introduction of Geology Earthquake Predictions

2 TP

Origin and Age of the Earth

Exercise 1: Composition of the Mantle

3 OJ

Introduction to Minerals

Lab 1: Mineral Identification

Earthquake Predictions Due
4 OJ

Igneous Rocks

Lab 1: Mineral Identification (cont.)

5 OJ

Metamorphic Rocks

Lab 2: Rock Identification

6 TP

Sedimentary Rocks

Lab 2: Rock Identification (cont.)

7 TA Lab 2: Rock Identification (cont.) Lab 1 Due
8 OJ

Rock Structure and Deformation

Lab 2: Rock Identification (cont.)

9 OJ Quiz 1: Rocks and Minerals (No lecture or lab)
10 TA Exercise 2: Rock Structure and Deformation  
11 OJ

Geologic Time: Relative versus Absolute Dating

Lab 3: Geochronology

Lab 2 Due
12 OJ


Lab 3: Geochronology (cont.)

13 TP

Plate Tectonics

Lab 4: Plate Tectonics

14 TP

Plate Tectonics (cont.)

Lab 4: Plate Tectonics (cont.)

Lab 3 Due
15 TP

Plate Tectonics (cont.)

Lab 4: Plate Tectonics (cont.)

16 TP, OJ, TA Field Trip to Upstate New York: Assembly and Breakup of Supercontinents
17 OJ

Continental Crust Formation

Field Trip Report

18 OJ

Oceanic Crust Formation

Field Trip Report (cont.)

Lab 4 Due
19 TP


Lab 5: Earthquakes

20 TA Quiz 2: Rock Deformation through Plate Tectonics (No lecture or lab)
21 TP


Lab 5: Earthquakes (cont.)

Field Trip Report Due
22 OJ

Field Techniques

Exercise 3: Stereonets

23 TA Tours of Laboratories in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences  
24 OJ

Introduction to Geologic Mapping

Exercise 4: Reading Geological Maps

Lab 5 Due
25 OJ Lab 6: Geologic Mapping  
26 OJ Lab 6: Geologic Mapping (cont.)  
27 OJ Lab 6: Geologic Mapping (cont.)  
28 TP


Lab 7: Rivers

29 TP Lab 7: Rivers (cont.) Lab 6 Due
30 TA Quiz 3: Crust Formation through Geologic Mapping
31 TP Landslides and Debris Flows  
32 TP Glaciers Lab 7 Due
33 TP Climate through Geologic History  
34 TP Earth History and Geobiology  
35 TP

Earth Science and Society

Exercise 5: Science, Policy, and Public Opinion

36 TP Comparative Planetology  
37 TA Quiz 4: Surface Processes and Earth History
38 TP, OJ

Wrap Up

Prize for Earthquake Predictions

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