12.003 | Fall 2008 | Undergraduate
Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics


Assignments are due in the lecture sessions listed in the table.

1 The Earth’s radiation budget (PDF) Due in Ses #6
2 Emission temperatures and greenhouse models (PDF) Due in Ses #9
3 Hydrostatic balance and lapse rate (PDF) Due in Ses #12
4 Convection and moist processes (PDF) Due in Ses #14
5 Convection and moist processes (cont.) (PDF) Due in Ses #16

Geostrophic balance (PDF)

- pucks_on_ice_script.m (M)
- pucks_on_ice.m (M)
- draw_fig2.m (M)
- deriv.m (M)

Due in Ses #25
7 Atmospheric circulation (PDF) Due in Ses #28
8 Ocean circulation I (PDF) Due in Ses #31
9 Ocean circulation II (PDF) Due in Ses #36
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