There is a common project developed during the course that students will solve using the language of their choice. The final class will be used to compare the different solutions developed. The project counts as 20% of the class grade.

Project Topics

  1. Matlab dungeons and dragons fighting event simulator.
  2. Matlab implementation of a graphical fractal pattern.
  3. Java implementation of the card game magic drafter.
  4. Mathematica letter shifted cipher.
  5. IDL implementation of the trajectory of a deuterium particle moving through a magnetic field.
  6. Python implementation of the minesweeper game.
  7. Matlab implementation of the flux expected from a cylindrical nuclear reactor.
  8. Python implementation of tic-tac-toe.
  9. Matlab implementation of planetary temperatures (Mars specifically) if atmospheric gases were to be changed to increase the greenhouse effect.

Project Presentation

Project Presentation should be a total of 15 minutes long include:

  1. Brief description of project
  2. Role played by each member of team when more than one
  3. Demonstration of program

All members of team should participate in the presentation.

Each Project Submission Should Include

  1. Written document that outlines the algorithms used in the project. The document should include:
    • Role of each person in the project
    • Methods that were used to verify that the code generated correct answers
  2. Program design and layout discussion
  3. Program source code and instructions on installation
  4. Examples of output of program and instructions for using the program

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