12.091 | January IAP 2006 | Undergraduate

Medical Geology/Geochemistry: An Exposure


Course Meeting Times

Lectures: Five sessions for 4 weeks, 2 hours / session


Permission of instructor.


This course introduces students to the basic concepts of Medical Geology/Geochemistry. Medical Geology/Geochemistry is the study of the interaction between abundances of elements and isotopes and the health of humans and plants.


Students will attend five 2-hour class sessions. There will be a 5-question review quiz based on all sessions. Each student will be expected to write a report on a selected element after doing a literature survey, and also give presentation.


Activities Percentages
Class Attendance and Participation 25%
Review Quiz 20%
Element Literature Survey and Report 30%
Project Presentation 25%

Required percentage to pass this course is 85%.

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January IAP 2006
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