12.097 | January IAP 2006 | Undergraduate

Chemical Investigations of Boston Harbor


Lab Protocols

In these lab exercises, students learn how to determine the concentration of biologically significant solutes in water samples using standard methods of chemistry.

  1. Dissolved Oxygen (PDF)
  2. Nitrate (PDF)
  3. Phosphate (PDF)

Lab Tours

Visits to WHOI labs give students the opportunity to learn about current research in oceanography and ocean engineering.

  1. Coastal Oceanographers (PDF)
  2. Chemical Instrumentation (PDF)
  3. Ocean Engineering (PDF)

Boston Harbor Cruise Information

What to Bring on Tioga Cruise

The weather can be quite variable out on the water ranging from (relatively) warm and sunny to extremely cold and dank. Sampling is definitely wet, dirty work. Bring clothes that will allow you to work comfortably in any situation. We will give you an exposure suit for work out on deck. This will keep you fairly warm but additional clothes are a good idea.

Here is a list of suggestions:

  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Raingear (Jacket and/or Pants)
  • Warm Clothes (Layers!)
  • Boots or Sneakers

We will be out on the water all day. You are responsible for providing your own food and beverages (you can bring extra to share if you like). Since dehydration is possible, we recommend that you include bottled water. Crackers such as Saltines, dried fruit, nuts and/or sandwiches are all good items to consider.

Seasickness - There may be a swell running (especially once we leave Boston Harbor). It is difficult to predict how the conditions will affect you. If you know you get seasick, you might want to include Dramamine, scopalomine, or some other remedy in your preparations. If you do decide to take something, let one of your instructors know as soon as possible.

Medical Condition - If you have a medical condition that will affect how you perform on the boat or may inhibit you or others, please let one of your instructors know. They need this information in the event of an emergency and will keep it strictly confidential.