12.113 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate

Structural Geology


Lecture Outline

I Continuum Mechanics: Stress and Strain
II Material Behaviours

Brittle Deformation

(A) Fracture Mechanics

(B) Faults

Mid Term

Ductile Deformation

(A) Mechanics

(B) Folding
(i) Descriptive Material
(ii) Mechanics
(iii) Related Structures
(iv) Foliations and Lineations
(v) Strain Analysis

(C) Multiple Deformations

V Plutons, Salt Tectonics
VI Regional Tectonics

Lab Outline

LAB # Topics
I Stress
II Strain

Lab Field Trip to Beavertail, PT, RI
III Techniques of Structural Geology I: 3D Geometries
IV Techniques of Structural Geology II: Cross-sections
V Faults
VI Folds
VII Fabrics: Lineations and Foliations
VIII Classic Structural Environments I: Fold and Thrust Belts
IX Classic Structural environments II: High Grade Gneiss Terranes
X Classic Structural environments III: Extensional Environments
Learning Resource Types
Lecture Notes
Activity Assignments with Examples