12.141 | January IAP 2012 | Undergraduate

Electron Microprobe Analysis



  1. How is the cross section of elastic scattering related to the
    1. atomic number?
    2. electron beam energy?
    3. scattering angle?
  2. How are secondary electrons produced?
  3. What is the typical energy range of
    1. back-scattered electrons?
    2. secondary electrons?
  4. How are the Bremsstrahlung or continuum X-rays generated?
  5. What is the maximum energy of continuum X-rays (Duane-Hunt limit)?
  6. What is
    1. fluorescent yield?
    2. Auger yield?
  7. What is the electron transition in the target atom for Kα X-ray generation?
  8. What is the equation that relates the energy of an X-ray to its wavelength?
  9. What is the critical excitation energy or the absorption edge?
  10. What are the variables that determine 1. electron range? 2. X-ray range?
  11. What is φ(ρz)? How is it defined?
  12. What is relation between the emitted and generated X-ray intensities?
  13. What is k-ratio? Which equation relates it to the concentration of the element in the sample?
  14. What is the purpose of the atomic number correction?
  15. What is the relation between the absorption correction and 1. take-off angle? 2. electron beam energy?
  16. What is fluorescence? Under what conditions does it happen?
  17. Which electrons are detected by the E-T detector and under what conditions?
  18. Under what condition can the solid-state diode detector be used for topographic imaging?
  19. What is common process underlying the operation of a solid-state diode detector, a cathodolominescence detector and an ED detector?
  20. Which type of dopant is used in an ED detector?
  21. What is Bragg’s law?
  22. Which gas is used in a proportional counter for 1. short wavelength detection? 2. long wavelength detection?
  23. What is the function of a single channel analyzer?
  24. How can you correct for defocusing effects in compositional imaging by WDS?
  25. Why is background correction important in quantitative compositional imaging by WDS?

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