12.340 | Spring 2012 | Undergraduate

Global Warming Science


1 Introduction  
2 The Origin of Earth’s Atmosphere and Oceans  
3 Paleoclimate I & Paleoclimate II Problem set 1 out
4 The Instrumental Record  
5 Atmospheric Composition and Greenhouse Gases Problem set 1 due
6 Radiative Transfer I  
7 Radiative Transfer II Problem set 2 out
8 Radiative-Convective Equilibrium I  
9 Radiative-Convective Equilibrium II

Problem set 2 due

Problem set 3 out

10 The Circulation of the Atmosphere and Oceans I  
11 The Circulation of the Atmosphere and Oceans II  
12 Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases  
13 The Earth’s Carbon Cycle

Problem set 3 due

Problem set 4 out

14 Aerosols  
15 Climate Sensitivity, Forcings, and Feedbacks  
16 Solar and Orbital Variability  
17 Cloud, Water Vapor, Ice Albedo, and Other Feedbacks

Problem set 4 due

Problem set 5 out

Presentation of Term Project
18 Climate Models I: General Concept, History, and Design  
19 Climate Models II: Parameterizations  
20 Climate Models III: Predictions and Projections  
21 Climate Change Mitigation and Some Links to Adaptation  
22 Geoengineering Problem set 5 due
Class Presentations
Learning Resource Types
Problem Sets
Lecture Notes