12.491 | Fall 2007 | Graduate

Biogeochemistry of Sulfur


Each student is required to present a term paper on a selected subject.

Sample Student Term Papers

Student work appears courtesy of the authors listed below and used with permission:

Sophie Clayton — Phytoplankton, Climate and the Sulfur Cycle: Exploring the CLAW Hypothesis (PDF)

Lindsay Hays — Identifying the Existence and Extent of the Sulfidic Ocean at the PTB (PDF)

Amy Kelly — Proterozoic Sulfur Cycle: The Rise of Oxygen (PDF)

Evaluating the Importance of Methanogenesis using Noncompetitive Substrates in Wetlands Impacted by Sulfur Pollution (PDF)

Min Sub Sim — Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during the Thiosulfate Disproportionation Reaction (PDF)

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