Lecture Notes

The following files are from the Spring 2008 offering of this course. The lecture notes were scribed by students who took this class.

1 Introductory lecture (PDF) Darrell Coles
2 Stress and strain (PDF) Shane Mcgary

Relationship between stress and strain

Equation of motion

Wave equation

(PDF) Katie Atkinson
4 Wave equation (cont.) (PDF) Katie Atkinson

d’Alembert’s solution

Separation of variables

Fourier transform


(PDF) Jennifer Furstenau
6 Travel time curves (PDF) Sudhish Bakku
7 Travel time tomography (PDF) Binghuai Lin
8 Travel time tomography (cont.) (PDF) Binghuai Lin
9 Snell’s law (PDF) Sudhish Bakku
10 Critical and post-critical reflection (PDF) Sudhish Bakku
11 Surface waves-ground roll (PDF) Michael Szulczewski
12 Travel time tomography (PDF) Sami Alsaadan

Travel time tomography (cont.)

Model uniqueness

Fresnel zones

(PDF) Sami Alsaadan
14 Travel time tomography (cont.) (PDF) Sami Alsaadan
15 Normal modes (PDF) Claire Willis
16 Anisotropy (PDF) Claire Willis
17 Earthquake (PDF) Binghuai Lin
18 Focal mechanics (PDF) Katie Atkinson
19 Focal mechanics (cont.) (PDF) Sami Alsaadan

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