12.517 | Spring 2001 | Graduate

Dynamics of Complex Systems: Ecological Theory


Student Presentation Topics

The final assignment for students in Dynamics of Complex Systems is a formal presentation before the class on recent research relevant to the topics discussed earlier in class. Each student is assigned either one paper or two closely related papers to read and study. Students should prepare to be “experts” on the paper(s) assigned for their talks; each presentation should last approximately one hour with time alloted for questions.

  1. Reactivity, Stability, and Plankton (2 Presentations)
  2. Theory of Productivity-Diversity Relationships
  3. Evolution of Virulence in Host-Pathogen Systems
  4. Renormalization Approach to Biological Systems
  5. Directed Motion in Lotka-Volterra Models
  6. Supplemental Information “Highly Optimized Tolerance” and Ecology
  7. Theory of Vegetation Patterns

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