12.742 | Fall 2006 | Graduate
Marine Chemistry

Lecture Notes

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SD=Scott Doney
WM=Bill Martin
KC=Karen Casciotti
MKT=Meg Tivey
DT=Dierdre Toole

1 Overview of the determinants of seawater composition (PDF) SD
Tools for studying marine geochemistry
2 Introduction to stable isotopes (PDF) KC
3 Introduction to marine radiochemistry (PDF - 1.6 MB) WM
Physical setting: Atm., ocean circulation, hydrol. cycle
4 Atmospheric circulation and water cycle (PDF) SD
5 Ocean circulation (PDF) SD
Major constituents of seawater and controls
6 Major ions and salinity (PDF) SD
7 Marine carbonate chemistry (PDF) WM
Inputs to and outputs from the ocean
8 Rivers and groundwater MKT
9 Hydrothermal processes (PDF) MKT
10 Non-conservative processes in estuaries/ groundwater/hydrothermal MKT
11 Gas exchange across the air-sea interface (PDF - 1.5 MB) SD
12 Atmospheric-ocean interaction (PDF) DT
Biogeochemical cycling in the water column
13 Primary production (1) (PDF) SD
14 Primary production (2) (PDF) SD
15 New, export, and net community production (PDF) SD
16 Sinking particles and remineralization (1) SD
17 Sinking particles and remineralization (2) (PDF) SD
18 Quantifying biogeochemical fluxes and rates SD
Biogeochemical cycling in sediments
19 Early diagenesis I (PDF) KC
20 Early diagenesis II and sediment distributions (PDF) KC
Special topics
21 Long-term cycles of carbon, oxygen and sulfur (PDF) DT
22 P cycle (PDF) DT
23 N cycle (PDF - 2.4 MB) KC
24 Anthropogenic CO2 (1) SD
25 Anthropogenic CO2 (2) and review SD
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