12.753 | Spring 2001 | Graduate

Geodynamics Seminar


Each seminar features an invited speaker followed by a discussion moderated by a WHOI scientist. Moderators are encouraged to present synoptic material of their own relevant research.

1 Dr. Neil Ribe /Dr. Peter Kelemen Scenes in the Life of a Mantle Plume
2 Dr. Bill White / Dr. Mark Kurz Origin and Evolution of the Galapagos Plateau
3 Dr. Guust Nolet / Dr. Aibing Li Seismic Tomography of the Iceland Plume
4 Dr. Jean Guy Schilling / Dr. Stan Hart Basic Geochemical Aspects of Plume - Ridge Interactions
5 Dr. Doug Wilson / Dr. Pablo Canales Plate Motions and Spreading Ridge Evolution Near the Galapagos Hotspot
6 Dr. David Bercovici / Dr. Greg Hirth Dynamics of Plumes and Hotspots
7 Dr. Garrett Ito / Dr. Jian Lin Evolution and Dynamics of the Iceland Hotspot in the North Atlantic
8 Dr. Peter Kelemen / Dr. Ken Sims Mantle Heterogeneity in the North Atlantic
9 Dr. Bill Menke / Dr. Rob Sohn Magmatic Structure of Axial Volcano, Juan de Fuca Ridge
10 Dr. Yang Shen / Dr. Bob Detrick Iceland Plume: Blowing in the Wind?
11 Dr. Mike Perfit / Dr. Ken Sims Insights into Ridge-Hotspot Interaction on the Juan de Fuca Ridge: Geochemical Investigations of Axial Seamount and Adjacent Rift Zones
12 Dr. Dennis Geist / Dr. Henry Dick Plumes at Plate Boundaries (When Bad Things Happen to Good Plumes)
13 Dr. Katrina Edwards / Dr. Susan Humphris Chemolithoautotrophic Extremophiles and Biogeography of Vent Biota
14 Dr. Jason Phipps-Morgan / Dr. Jack Whitehead Origination Depth of Mantle Plumes
    Field Trip to Yellowstone

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