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Geodynamics Seminar


Dr. Richard Alley

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Dr. Sridhar Anandakrishnan

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Dr. Ian Joughin

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Dr. Christina Hulbe

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Dr. Lonnie Thompson

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Byrd Polar Research Center
Dr. John Priscu

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Priscu Research Group

The McMurdo Dry Valley Lakes Microbial Observatory

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Dr. Richie Williams

Overpeck, Jonathan T., Bette L. Otto-Bliesner, Gifford H. Miller, Daniel R. Muhs, Richard B. Alley, and Jeffrey T. Kiehl. “Paleoclimatic Evidence for Future Ice-sheet Instability and Rapid Sea-level Rise.” Science 311, no. 5768 (2006): 1747-1750.
[Note: The Science issue that contains the this paper also focuses on “Climate Change. Breaking the Ice” as a theme, with other papers and an editorial]

ACIA: Impacts of a warming Arctic, Arctic Climate Impact Assessment. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2004, p. 139.

Shuman, C. A., H. J. Zwally, B. E. Schutz, A. C. Brenner, J. P. DiMarzio, V. P. Suchdeo, and H. A. Fricker. “ICESat Antarctic Elevation Data: Preliminary Precision and Accuracy Assessment.” Geophysical Research Letters 33 (2006), L07501, doi: 10.1029/2005GL025227.

USGS Glacier Studies Project Web site.

Includes URL addresses for many publications related to glaciers. Seven of the 11 Satellite Image Atlas of Glaciers of the World (USGS Professional Paper 1386 A-K) are included as.pdf documents: Antarctica, Greenland, Glaciers of Europe, Glaciers of the Middle East and Africa, Glaciers of Irian Jaya, Indonesia, and New Zealand, Glaciers of South America, and Glaciers of North America [excluding Alaska (1386-K) which is next to be published].

Recent Relevant Books

Symon, C., lead editor, Arris, L., and Heal, B., eds. Arctic Climate Impact Assessment. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2005, p. 1,042.
[The science behind the assessment, encapsulated in the summary given above.

Bamber, J. L, and A. J. Payne, eds. Mass Balance of the Cryosphere. Observations and Modeling of Contemporary and Future Changes. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2004, p. 644.
[Includes many important papers on changes in the cryosphere.]

Flannery, Tim. The Weather Makers. How Man is Changing the Climate and What it Means for Life on Earth. New York, NY: Atlantic Monthly Press, 2005, p. 357.

The above will give the participants a start of a rapidly expanding focus of the scientific community on changes in the cryosphere, including glaciers, snow cover, floating ice (sea, lake, and river), and permafrost and periglacial environments, all of which will be addressed in my presentation next week, with emphasis on glaciers.

Dr. Erland Schulson

Schulson, Erland M. “Brittle Failure of Ice.” Engineering Fracture Mechanics 68 (2001): 1839-1887.

———. “The Fracture of Water Ice Ih: A Short Overview.” Meteoritics and Planetary Science (April 2006) (In press).

Dr. Paul Hoffman

Hoffman, Paul F., and Daniel P. Schrag. “The Snowball Earth Hypothesis: Testing the Limits of Global Change.” Terra Nova 14, no. 3 (2002): 129-155.

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Dr. Helgi Björnsson

Flowers, Gwenn E., Helgi Björnsson, and Finnur Palsson. “A Coupled Sheet-conduit Mechanism for Jokulhlaup Propagation.” Geophysical Research Letters, DOI:10.1029/, Copyright 2004 by the American Geophysical Union.

Björnsson, Helgi, and Pall Einarsson. “Volcanoes Beneath Vatnajokull, Iceland: Evidence from Radio Echo-sounding Earthquakes and Jokulhlaups. Jokull, no. 40 (1990).

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Björnsson, Helgi. “Subglacial Lakes and Jokulhlaups in Iceland.” Global and Planetary Change 35 (2002): 255-271.

Dr. Sidney Hemming Hemming, Sidney R. “Heinrich Events: Massive Late Pleistocene Detritus Layers Of The North Atlantic and Their Global Climate Imprint.” Review of Geophysics 42 (2004): RG1005.  

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