Lecture Notes

Additional files related to the lectures are available below the table.

1 Some Physical Properties of Sea Water (PDF)
2 Rotation 101: Some Basics (PDF)
3 Rotation 101 (cont.): Effects of Rotation on a Sphere: f- and β-planes (PDF)

Earth’s Gravity Field and Sea Level (PDF)

4 Ekman layers, Friction and Geostrophic Flow (PDF)
5 Wind-Driven Circulation: Stommel’s Gyre and Sverdrup’s Balance (PDF)
6 Stress in the Ocean (PDF)
7 Observations of the Gulf Stream in the N. Atlantic (PDF)
8 Global Hydrographic Climatology (PDF)

Supporting Files
atlas_test.m (M)
ghc_Ni.mat (MAT - 21.1 MB)
ghc_Oxkg.mat (MAT - 21.1 MB)
ghc_Ph.mat (MAT - 21.1 MB)
ghc_pr.mat (MAT - 63.4 MB)
ghc_Sil.mat (MAT - 21.1 MB)

9 Equatorial Twists to Mid-Latitude Dynamics (PDF)
10 The Large Scale Thermohaline Circulation: Some Thermodynamics (PDF)
11 The Thermohaline Circulation (PDF)
12 Another Wrinkle on Observations of the Abyssal Ocean: Geothermal Heating and Hydrothermal Vents (PDF)
13 Tidal Forces (PDF)
14 Introduction to “Waves” and Time Dependent Motion (PDF)
15 Internal Waves (PDF)
16 Final Exam

Additional Files

coriolis.m (M)
phyprop.zip (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: 38 .m files.)