12.950 | Spring 2004 | Graduate

Atmospheric and Oceanic Modeling

Lecture Notes

1 The Finite Difference Method (PDF) Dr. Adcroft
2 Spatial Discretization and Numerical Dispersion (PDF) Dr. Adcroft
3-4 Series Expansion Methods (PDF) Dr. Adcroft
5-7 Time-stepping (PDF - 1.2 MB)

MATLAB® Script for P-N-Z Model (M)

Dr. Adcroft
8-9 Space-time (PDF) Dr. Adcroft
10 Two-dimensions (PDF) Dr. Adcroft
11 Shallow Water Dynamics and Numerical Dispersion (PDF) Dr. Adcroft
12-13 Barotropic Models (PDF) Dr. Adcroft
14 Quasi-geostrophic Equations (PDF) Prof. Marshall
15-16 Quasi-geostrophic Models (PDF) Prof. Marshall
17 Eddy Parameterization Prof. Marshall
18-19 The Primitive Equations (PDF - 1.2 MB) Dr. Adcroft
20 Introduction to Turbulence, Reynolds Averaging, Turbulence and Energy Prof. Ferrari
21 [Attend 12.820 for the lecture of] Boundary Layer Turbulence and Parameterizations Prof. Ferrari
22 Primitive Equations (cont.) Dr. Adcroft
23 Vertical Coordinates (PDF) Dr. Adcroft
24 Parameterizing Geostrophic Eddies (PDF) Dr. Adcroft
26 Overview and Summary of GCM Issues Dr. Adcroft