12.S990 | Fall 2012 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Quantifying Uncertainty

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MCMC in Exoplanets:

The Thermal Emission of the Young and Massive Planet CoRoT-2b at 4.5 and 8 μm

Lack of Inflated Radii for Kepler Giant Planet Candidates Receiving Modest Stellar Irradiation

The High Albedo of the Hot Jupiter Kepler-7 b

Discovery and Atmospheric Characterization of Giant Planet Kepler-12b: An Inflated Radius Outlier

The Hot-Jupiter Kepler-17b: Discovery, Obliquity from Stroboscopic Starspots, and Atmospheric Characterization

The Spitzer Search for the Transits of HARPS Low-mass Planets. I. No Transit for the Super-Earth HD 40307b

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Model Order Reduction

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