14.01 | Fall 2018 | Undergraduate

Principles of Microeconomics


L=Lecture R=Recitation

Session # Topic Key DAtes
L1 Introduction; Supply and Demand  
R1 Mathematically Deriving the Supply-and-Demand Model  
L2 Preferences and Utility Functions  
L3 Budget Constraints and Constrained Choice  
R2 Mathematics of Constrained Maximization    
L4 Demand Curves and Income/Substitution Effects  
L5 Production Theory  Problem set 1 due
R3 There was no recitation due to a holiday.  
L6 Costs   
L7  Competition I   
R4  Review Competition and Costs  Problem set 2 due
L8 Competition II   
L9  Supply and Demand; Consumer/Producer Surplus   
R5  Review Construction Problem set 3 due
L10 Welfare Economics  
R6  Exam Review Problem set 4 due 
L11 Monopoly I   
  Midterm Exam  
L12  Monopoly II   
R7  Welfare Economics and Monopoly   
L13  Oligopoly I  
L14  Oligopoly II  
R8 Monopoly and Oligopoly Problem set 5 due 
L15 Input Markets I: Labor Market  
R9  Input Markets Problem set 6 due
L16   Input Markets II: Labor and Capital   
L17  Making Choices over Time   
R10  Mathematics of Intertemporal Choice  Problem set 7 due 
L18 Increasing Savings; Introduction to Trade  
R11   PPF and Comparative Advantage  Problem set  8 due 
L19 International Trade: Welfare and Policy   
L20  Uncertainty   
L21  Efficiency and Equity  
R12  Social Welfare Example  Problem set 9 due 
L22   Government Redistribution and Taxation   
L23  Market Failures I: Externalities   
R13  Exam Review  Problem set 10 due 
L24 Market Failures II: Informational Asymmetry  
L25  Health Economics   

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