14.282 | Spring 2009 | Graduate

Organizational Economics



[GB] = George Baker

[RG] = Robert Gibbons

Module 1: boundaries of the firm
1 Introduction GB  
2 Classic evidence GB  
3 Formal theories RG  
4 Recent evidence GB  
5 Contracting between firms RG  
6 Evidence on contracts GB  
7 Cases on integration and contracts GB First model-development essay due
Module 2: employment in organizations
8 Pay for performance GB  
9 Cases on incentives GB Second model-development essay due
10 Job assignment, skill development, and networks RG  
11 Careers in organizations GB  
12 Employment systems GB  
Module 3: decision-making in organizations
13 Decision processes RG  
14 Authority and power RG  
15 Politics and influence RG  
16 Culture and language GB  
17 Social relations RG  
18 Leadership RG Review essay due
Module 4: structures and processes in organizations
19 Five elemental models of hierarchy RG  
20 Cases on organizational structures and processes RG Third model-development essay due
21 Recent models of structure RG  
22 Conglomerates and corporate strategy GB  
23 Hybrids RG  
24 Corporate governance and corporate capital GB  
25 Conclusion RG/GB Final paper due a week after Ses #25

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