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Homework 1

Homework 1

Solve 3 out 6 problems from Lecture 1 (PDF). For empirical questions we encourage you to go beyond the analysis in the lectures to deepen your own understanding of the concepts we are covering and their implication for real economics research.

You can use any software you like. The link to data for empirical problems is available below. Write-ups should be concise and presented in the format of short sections that can be inserted into an empirical paper or research report. For example, they could look like e.g. Section 6 in Lecture 1. 

I also posted the R-code that was used to generate empirical results in Lecture 1. You are allowed and encouraged to look at the code, as this might save you a lot of time, but do write your own code (blind “copy & paste” is strictly prohibited). This forces you to learn programming and is also a good way to avoid errors I may have planted in the code.

Homework 1 Data Description (PDF)

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R-code used to do gender wage gap (R)

CPS 2015 data on wages (CSV - 3.9MB)

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R-code (R)

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