14.462 | Spring 2004 | Graduate

Advanced Macroeconomics II


1 Technology, Distribution, and Employment: Competing Technologies Models
2 Technology, Distribution, and Employment: Segregation by Skills and Superstars
3 Technology, Distribution, and Employment: Learning and Market Signals
4 Technology, Distribution, and Employment: Non Homotheticity in General Equilibrium
5 Intellectual Property Rights and Growth
6 Bounded Rationality in Macroeconomics
7 Demographics and Macroeconomics
8 Macro Complementarities/Coordination: Macroeconomic Complementarities, Amplification, Multiple Equilibria
9 Macro Complementarities/Coordination: Global Games, Higher-Order Uncertainty, and Morris-Shin
10 Macro Complementarities/Coordination: Policy and Information Transmission
11 Macro Complementarities/Coordination: Prices and Information Aggregation
12 Macro Complementarities/Coordination: Dynamics, Social Learning, and Other Applications
13 Macro Complementarities/Coordination: Information and Amplification
14 Macro Complementarities/Coordination: More on Complementarities, Dynamic Adjustment, and Business Cycles
15 Incomplete Markets: Recursive Equilibria, Heterogeneous Agents, Precautionary Savings, Non-expected Utility
16 Incomplete Markets: Aiyagari - Steady-State Effects
17 Incomplete Markets: Krusell-Smith - Introducing Business Cycles
18 Incomplete Markets: Idiosyncratic Investment Risk
19 Incomplete Markets: Incomplete Markets and Endogenous Growth

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