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Public Economics II

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Public Goods
1 Voluntary Private Provision of Public Goods and Private Charity Public Goods - Private Equilibrium (PDF)
2 Efficient Public Goods Provision Optimal Public Goods Supply (PDF)
3 Income Tax Deduction of Charitable Donations Warm Glow Preferences(PDF)
Tax Treatment of Estates
4 Background

Individual Motivation


Annuities (PDF)
5 Taxing Gifts to Individuals  
6 Estate Taxes Atkinson-Stiglitz Model (PDF)

Optimal Estate Tax (PDF)

Taxing Savings (PDF)

Social Security
7 Social Insurance Theory Social Security - Facts (PDF)
8 Within Cohort Theoretical Models Social Security - Length of Career (PDF)

Social Security - Varying Life Expectancy (PDF)

9 Social Security, Saving, and Benefit Adequacy Issues  
10 Social Security and Labor Supply  
11 Social Security in OLG Growth Models Social Security - OLG Settings (PDF)
12 Social Security Reform: Overview and Political Economy  
Unemployment Insurance
13 Unemployment Insurance - Theory Policy Application (PDF)
14 Unemployment Insurance and Worker Behavior  
15 Unemployment Insurance and Firm Behavior  
Workers’ Compensation
16 Workers’ Compensation Issues  
Disability Insurance
17 Disability Insurance Issues  
Government Redistributional Programs
18 Traditional Cash Welfare  
19 Effects of Welfare Reform  
Government Intervention in Health Insurance Markets
20 Health Insurance, Moral Hazard, and Adverse Selection  
21 Medicaid, the Uninsured, and Long Term Care  
22 Medicare and Provider Issues  
23 Health Insurance and the Labor Market  
24 Health Externalities - Smoking  

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