15.012 | Spring 2011 | Graduate

Applied Macro- and International Economics


1 Introduction and the money multiplier via babysitters  
2 Germany and Zimbabwe: Monetary policy and the velocity theory of money  
3 The IS-LM model  
4 Japan, Ireland, and the Great Depression: Applications of the IS-LM model: Fiscal policy and the Great Depression  
5 AD-AS and long run adjustment: The connection to inflation  
6 Central bank accounting Problem set 1 due
7 World through inflation  
8 Banking crisis and accounting  
9 Theories of nominal exchange rates: Short-run and long-run  
10 Fiscal currency crises (GAME: Greece, Argentina, Mexico, and Everyone else)  
11 Self-fulfilling currency crises (MIT: Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand)  
12 Exchange-rate regimes  
13 Capital controls, exchange rate regimes, and unemployment: The unholy trinity  
14 US financial crisis Debate slides due
15 Debate 1: The international role of the dollar In-class debate
16 Debate 2: The Euro In-class debate
17 Introduction to development economics  

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