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Applied Macro- and International Economics II


Case Write-up Questions

The following 6 selected cases have questions to be addressed and written up. Students should work in teams of three to four. The questions address aspects of the case that need further analysis.

Every question should be answered at most in one page, except for the Argentina case which will need 3 pages, one for each of the events you have chosen.

Case Question 1

Case: “U.S. Current Account Deficit,” HBS 9706002.

Is the US sustainable? Find in trading economics the CA and Wage Changes in any of the last three years and do a BBNN diagnostic!

Case Question 2

Case: “Menem and the Populist Tradition in Argentina,” HBS 9700061.

Explain 3 events from the case (such as devaluations, policy choices, growth, change in export prices, etc.). Do the diagnostic, and explain the impact using the BBNN.

Case Question 3

Case: “New Theories of International Trade,” HBS 9390001.

Should UK remain in the European Union? (yes, no) What are the advantages of Protection?

Case Question 4

Case: “Reforming Social Security Around the World,” Kellogg KEL493.

Answer for one country only: How would you change the social security system in (US, France, or Japan)?

Case Question 5

Case: “A Framework to Think About Pollution,” Darden UV5687.

Comment the following Statement: Carbon Tax Markets have the chance to solve the property rights problem that exists in CO2 emissions.

Case Question 6

In one page! What is the solution to the problem of income inequality in a developed nation?

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