15.031J | Spring 2012 | Undergraduate

Energy Decisions, Markets, and Policies


The calendar below provides information on the course’s lecture (L), recitation (R) and exam (E) sessions.

Energy Systems and Policies: Overview
L1 This Course and The U.S. Energy System  
R1 Recitation  
L2 Comparative Energy Systems  
L3 U.S. Energy Problems  
R2 Discussion of Paradigms; Debate Prep  
L4 The Market and The State  
L5 Path Dependence in Energy Systems  
The Climate Problem
R3 C-Learn; Climate Game Prep  
L6 Climate Science and Policy

Guest lecturer: Susan Solomon, Professor, MIT

L7 Climate Agreement Negotiations I  
R4 Climate Agreement Negotiations II  
Household and Organization Decision-Making
L8 Economics of Energy Demand Individual climate paper due

Energy Use by Individuals and Households

Guest lecturer: Susan Silbey, Professor, MIT

R5 Derived Demand and Capital Practice; Discussion of Final Paper Assignment  
L10 Normative Frameworks for Business Decisions  
L11 Business Decisions in Reality: CHP at Hexion Final paper teams & topics due
R6 Review; Finalization of Final Paper Teams & Topics  
L12 Organizational Decision-Making: Biodiesel at MIT  
E1 Quiz #1  
R7 Recitation  
L13 Developing Profitable Strategies  

Innovation and Energy Business Models

Guest lecturer: Donald Lessard, Professor, MIT

R8 Recitation Detailed final paper outline due
Primary Energy & Electric Power
L15 Non-Renewable Energy Resources  
L16 Shale: Opportunities & Challenges  
R9 Production Planning for Non-renewables; Discussion of Paper Outlines  
L17 (Yesterday’s &) Today’s Electric Power System  
R10 Recitation  
L18 Tomorrow’s Electric Power System  
Public Policies: Determinants & Processes
L19 Making Public Policy  
R11 Recitation  
L20 Social Movements  
L21 U.S. Environment Policy  
R12 Review  

Guest Lecture on Micron-gap Thermal Photovoltaics

Guest lecturer: Bob DiMatteo_, CEO and Chairman of MTPV_

Economic Development & Green Growth

E2 Quiz #2  
R13 Recitation Final paper due
Final Paper Presentations & Debrief
L23 Final Paper Presentations & Debrief  
L24 Final Paper Presentations & Debrief (cont.)  
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