1 Decision Analysis I - Kendall Crab & Lobster Case  
2 Decision Analysis II – Conditional Probabilities  
3 Discrete Probability Distributions Team Case due
4 Continuous Probability Distributions Homework 1 due
5 The Normal Distribution  
6 Simulation I – The Gentle Lentil Case Homework 2 due
7 Regression Models I  
8 Simulation II – The Ontario Gateway Case Case due
9 Regression Models II Homework 3 due
10 Regression Illustrated  
11 Quiz  
11a No Class Meeting Case due
12 Introduction to Linear Optimization Modeling  
13 Solving and Analyzing Linear Optimization Models Homework 5 due
14 Filatoi Riuniti Case: Production Management

Homework 6 due

Filatoi Riuniti Case due

15 Introduction to Nonlinear Optimization  
15a No Class Meeting Homework / Case due
16 Introduction to Discrete Optimization  
17 International Industries Case: Strategic Investment Management

Homework 7 due

Case due

18 Integrative Case on the Financial Crisis  
18a No Class Meeting Team Case due
19 Dynamic Optimization for Retail Pricing  
20 Summary and Look Ahead  
21 Final Exam Review  
22 Final Exam