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Communicating With Data


Chapters refer to the required course textbook:

Bertsimas, Dimitris, and Robert M. Freund. Data, Models, and Decisions: The Fundamentals of Management Science. Southwestern College Publishing, 2000. ISBN: 097591460X.

1 Introduction Begin reading Chapter 1.
2 Decision Analysis I - Kendall Crab and Lobster Case Read Chapter 1 and, if possible, Chapter 2.1-2.3. Read Kendall Crab and Lobster Case.
3 Laws of Probability Read Chapter 2.1-2.3.
4 Decision Analysis II - Graphic Corp. Case Read the Graphic Corp. Case at the end of Chapter 2.
5 Value

6 Discrete Probability Read Chapter 2.4-2.8.
7 Binomial Distribution

8 Portfolio Risk Management Read Chapter 2.9-2.11 and 2.13.
9 Normal Distribution Read Chapter 3.4-3.8.
10 Central Limit Theorem

11 Sampling and Sample Means Read Chapter 4.1-4.3 and 4.7.
12 Simulation Read Chapter 5. (It May be Useful to Re-read Chapter 4.1-4.2.)
13 Gentle Lentil Case Read the Gentle Lentil Restaurant Case at the end of Chapter 5.
14 Estimation and Mis-estimation

15 Ontario Gateway Case Read the Ontario Gateway Case at the end of Chapter 5.
16 Regression I Read Chapter 6.1-6.7.
17 Regression II Read Chapter 4.4-4.5 and Chapter 6.8-6.10. Read the two regression cases entitled “Predicting Heating Oil Consumption at OILPLUS” and “Executive Compensation” at the end of Chapter 6.
18 Regression III Read “The Construction Department at Croq’Pain” at the end of Chapter 6.
19 Communication Exercise Additional reading to be handed out.
20 Summary

21 Final Exam

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