1 Fundamental Insights: The M/M/s Type Systems
2 Little’s Law and Generalizations
3 Distributional Laws
4 Conservation Laws
6 Systems with No Overtaking: Exact Solutions
7 Systems with No Overtaking: Asymptotic Solutions
8 Priority, Polling Systems
9 Multiserver Queues
10 Queues in Halfin-Whitt Regime

Applications to Call Centers

11 Open Jackson Networks
12 Closed Jackson Networks
13 Multiclass Networks
14 Adversarial Queueing Networks I
15 Adversarial Queueing Networks II
16 Transient Behavior of Queueing Systems
17 Fluid Models of Queueing Systems I
18 Fluid Models of Queueing Systems II
19 Stability of Queueing Networks
20 Optimization of Queueing Systems
21 Optimization of Multiclass Networks and Fluid Models
22 Queues in Heavy Traffic
23 Multiclass Networks in Heavy Traffic
24 Long Range Dependence
25 Large Deviations and Queues
26 Take Home Final Exam Period

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