1 Overview of Optimization Models; and Radiation Therapy Freund

2 Computer Solution and Issues in Solving Linear Optimization Freund

3 Applied Lagrange Duality Freund

4 Simple Routines for Optimization Freund

5 Telecommunications Systems Design Problem Freund Assignment 1 due
6 Column Generation, I Freund

7 Column Generation, II Freund

8 Discrete Optimization, I Magnanti Assignment 2 due
9 Convex Constrained Optimization Models Freund

10 Discrete Optimization, II Magnanti

11 Discrete Optimization, III Magnanti

Midterm Exam

Assignment 3 due
12 Pattern Classification: Separable Problems Freund

13 Pattern Classification and QP Methods, I Freund

14 QP and Nonlinear Methods, II Freund

15 E-commerce Application Freund

16 Truss Design and SOCP, I Freund Assignment 4 due
17 Truss Design and SOCP, II Freund

18 Issues in Non-Convex Optimization Freund

19 Stochastic Linear Optimization, and Extensions Freund Assignment 5 due
20 Stochastic LP and Benders Decomposition Freund

21 Semi-Definite Optimization, I Freund

22 Semi-Definite Optimization, II Anthony Assignment 6 due
23 Traffic Control Models, I Stier

24 Traffic Control Models, II Stier Computation project due